Thursday, 15 December 2011

More projects

a notebook and a wooden ladle

a tin container

close up of the basket of flowers
These are two more projects done while babysitting my grandchildren. Though it's kinda difficult to really concentrate ( my grandson keeps asking questions about the paints and testing the wet paint with his cute fingers!), I am satisfied with the finished pieces. Have fun enjoying the pics! Orders are welcome.

Friday, 9 December 2011

house number plaque

plaque with house number RM 35

This is for my son. He was so pleased with it  and planned to have it  displayed  this  evening  after  work.  I  have  a  few  without the number painted so if you are interested please text me your number and I will have it done.

embroidered cushion

cushion embroidered with Sue RM 25 for one, RM 45 for a pair
This is the cushion i sewed for my 2 mth old granddaughter named Erina Zulayka. I had Sue embroidered in the middle. Looks kinda of cute huh. I have a few designs of Sue which i will upload soon and anyone interested in having the cushions with Sue can always text me. I will have more examples of cushions in different colours soon..............insyallah.............and you can feast your beautiful eyes on them. This Sue has picked some flowers from her garden..............hehehe..................

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Beads and sequins on a kurung ordered by a friend and her daughter. Am posting the finished kurung of the mother's. The one for her daughter will be posted as soon as i have finished embellishing it.

Back again

Hello.................and salam satu Malaysia.
A wall plaque in pink

Life is truly a gift.............wall hanging

Deco for wall switch

Am back after a long long rest.................too long in fact. I just found my cam's charger and it was the happiest moment.........nay, one of the happiest moments of my life. So i went shooting away like nobody's business and am joyously updating my blog. So feast your eyes on my recent achievements and don't feel shy to order or to place any comments or inquiries.