Thursday, 25 August 2011


I did beading before i changed to making crafts. Here is a pic of the  beading i made for my daughter's dress which she wore to a friend's wedding.

More quilled cards

In spite of my busy schedule, i did manage to make 2 cards. Now i need to have a really good camera cos the one that i have rite now does not do justice to the cards i made. Case of a bad carpenter blaming his tools but who cares. I love creating and working with my hands and I have to thank all my friends and other quillers for really inspiring me. So for all muslim friends and bloggers (crafters or not) a happy hari raya and may Allah bless us all. Enjoy.............................

Sunday, 14 August 2011

picture in box frame

CRD 002

Its been sometime since i last wrote on this blog.  I was actually busy  making pineapple tarts for the festive season and so crafting was put on hold. But i did manage to make this card after learning how to make the shadow box. So friends and all, please feast your eyes on my latest adventure in quilling.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

framed with quills

FR 001-003

3 photo frames with quilled borders. Cute kan? Sometimes when i really sit down to quill, i feel like adding quilled flowers to the door frames in the is such fun and takes away all the tensions...................relaxing. Now it will be more relaxing to me bcos i bought my latest toy.......................................the mini paper shredder. Now all quilling shapes and ideas are not so daunting any more, thus the idea of decorating anything in the house is not impossible.
I read in a blog A Magia do Quilling about a do it urself crimper today and imagine my joy when i manage to built one from an old broken down car toy belonging to my grandson. Ahhhhh now the ideas of quilling seem boundless.
Ok, see u all soon on more quilling projects.

Tri shutter card

SHTC 001

Salam Ramadhan. Behold! My first tri shutter card. Thanx Lin for the tutorial link. These cards are a bit tedious to make cos u have lots of facets to embellish. Nonetheless the outcome is rewarding. I will be making more of these cards and will try my hand at the double tri shutter. Wish me luck................hehehe.