Sunday, 31 July 2011

quilled all occasions card

CRD 001

I love this card. I have just learned how to make the roses. Thank u for the amazing tutorial  by Sughanti at Daydreams. And it took me only an hour to finish the card.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

felt car ornament

OT 001

I have changed the pic of this post to a clearer view of the  heart. It is made up of white felt.  I realised i should have added beads around the border for a more definitive outline. Anyway thanks to beedeebabee for the ideas.

Friday, 29 July 2011

felt car ornament

Ot 001

I made this for my son's car. It's made with felt flowers and acrylic beads. Beautiful and shiny. 

Quilled goodies bag

GB 002

Salam semua and hi to all.
More goodie bags with quilled butterfly this time. Quilling is really fun but  i have problem in keeping the shapes the same size. This is because in my excitement to finish and seeing the end product, i never measured the length of the quill papers used..................I must remember this next time.
A very big thank u to little attic art for being my first follower. I was delirious.......maklumla, very new at this blogging thing and new at crafting. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Quilled goodies bag

GB 001

Salam satu Malaysia.

My latest project.........goodies bag with a quilled flower. Many colours available and also many sizes. The ones shown are 5in by 5in by 2in.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

more felt doughnuts

DN 001

I made these last nite and they turned out was fun and i love embellishing them. Wait till i get home to KL and i have all my beads and sequins to play around with.
I am also surfing for other uses of the doughnuts....................small ones for key chains maybe or to hang in cars ( with potpourri as filling).

Monday, 25 July 2011

ribbon embroidery

This is the ribbon embroidered cushion that i made for my SIL. She doesnt like big flowers so i had small little ones embroidered in a heart shape. The cushion is not sewn yet, this is just showing the embroidery that has been done. I promise to have the finished cushion uploaded here once it is done.

Faux cakes

Hi all,
Once I start blogging, it's difficult to stop. Once u stop it's difficult to start. That is what is happening to me. Apa pun, these pics show my new skills at making felt food. Memang nampak real, my grandson Didi had real fun playing with it........................nak mamam.............he says.

hari raya quilled cards

These are my latest projects. Managed to make them even tho I was bz babysitting my grandson. My son really wondered how i managed to bring all quilling tools  aboard the flight without being caught. old lady with her what-nots...........even had the paper cutter come with me...........hehehe.
Anyway, quilling is not as easy as i thought it would be. The quilling part is easy, what is difficult is glueing it to the card and making sure it is not messy. Even if white glue is used, still the outcome can be a mess if glue is not applied correctly. I used to apply glue all along the quilled paper but now i learnt that it is enough to just apply it to different points.................another difficulty is getting the right size shape every time. i dont have the ruler or board with circles that quillers used. Instead i used this circular tool school children used............and it worked just fine. It costs only RM1.90.
Getting quilling papers the rite size is a problem too if one doesnt have a paper shredder. I plan to get one as soon as the plane touches down in KLIA.............................ooooppps i am landing at 10pm so i guess the shop at cineleisure has to wait for my visit.
But against all of the odds, I managed to get these cards made. Do feast ur eyes on them  and if u feel like u really want  ur friends to receive such works of beauty (masuk bakul angkat sendiri...................hehehe) dont feel shy..............just give me a call and order.

1. With quilled flowers






2.  With ketupat



SHR 002 (GOLD)


SHR 003 (masjid hijau)
I have yet to make another improved version of this card. It is done not to my satisfaction.The colour scheme is wrong. I will come up with a beauty................that i assure u. Insyallah.
I have another in the making. I stopped halfway because i realise the colour scheme is not rite...........again......................I have to go for lessons on colour schemes soon or maybe find a website that teaches how to match colours. Anyone of u out there know of such a site pls email me.