Thursday, 15 December 2011

More projects

a notebook and a wooden ladle

a tin container

close up of the basket of flowers
These are two more projects done while babysitting my grandchildren. Though it's kinda difficult to really concentrate ( my grandson keeps asking questions about the paints and testing the wet paint with his cute fingers!), I am satisfied with the finished pieces. Have fun enjoying the pics! Orders are welcome.

Friday, 9 December 2011

house number plaque

plaque with house number RM 35

This is for my son. He was so pleased with it  and planned to have it  displayed  this  evening  after  work.  I  have  a  few  without the number painted so if you are interested please text me your number and I will have it done.

embroidered cushion

cushion embroidered with Sue RM 25 for one, RM 45 for a pair
This is the cushion i sewed for my 2 mth old granddaughter named Erina Zulayka. I had Sue embroidered in the middle. Looks kinda of cute huh. I have a few designs of Sue which i will upload soon and anyone interested in having the cushions with Sue can always text me. I will have more examples of cushions in different colours soon..............insyallah.............and you can feast your beautiful eyes on them. This Sue has picked some flowers from her garden..............hehehe..................

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Beads and sequins on a kurung ordered by a friend and her daughter. Am posting the finished kurung of the mother's. The one for her daughter will be posted as soon as i have finished embellishing it.

Back again

Hello.................and salam satu Malaysia.
A wall plaque in pink

Life is truly a gift.............wall hanging

Deco for wall switch

Am back after a long long rest.................too long in fact. I just found my cam's charger and it was the happiest moment.........nay, one of the happiest moments of my life. So i went shooting away like nobody's business and am joyously updating my blog. So feast your eyes on my recent achievements and don't feel shy to order or to place any comments or inquiries.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

my roses plaque

My penchant for roses of any kind  made me paint this plaque with beautiful country pink roses. Life truly is a gift and i hope you all will love it. I have painted more on other wood surfaces and i hope to upload the pictures as soon as i know how to use my handphone camera. My digital cam still needs to be recharged as soon as i find the misplaced charger.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

book cover

My niece who is off to UITM in Dungun asked me to decorate the front cover of her diary. I had but half an hour to do it and since it is her birthday, I obliged. So this is the finished product. I am glad she liked you?

another easel card

Another easel card, this time in brown. Feast your eyes. Cooperated stamping work, beads and distressed ink.

quilled easel card

I have really got to get a good camera because the pics did not turn out as expected especially the colours. Anyway enjoy and please leave comments. Thanks.

Monday, 5 September 2011

quilled mirror

Hi again all,

RM 45 (not inclusive of posting)

Another project and this was inspired by Baukje. I really love her work.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

For a dear friend

This box framed card is for a writer friend who goes by the name Nambai. Hope he likes it. (cross my fingers!) I have just learnt the right way to make the box frame. I was so excited to try it out and so this is the result.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


I did beading before i changed to making crafts. Here is a pic of the  beading i made for my daughter's dress which she wore to a friend's wedding.

More quilled cards

In spite of my busy schedule, i did manage to make 2 cards. Now i need to have a really good camera cos the one that i have rite now does not do justice to the cards i made. Case of a bad carpenter blaming his tools but who cares. I love creating and working with my hands and I have to thank all my friends and other quillers for really inspiring me. So for all muslim friends and bloggers (crafters or not) a happy hari raya and may Allah bless us all. Enjoy.............................

Sunday, 14 August 2011

picture in box frame

CRD 002

Its been sometime since i last wrote on this blog.  I was actually busy  making pineapple tarts for the festive season and so crafting was put on hold. But i did manage to make this card after learning how to make the shadow box. So friends and all, please feast your eyes on my latest adventure in quilling.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

framed with quills

FR 001-003

3 photo frames with quilled borders. Cute kan? Sometimes when i really sit down to quill, i feel like adding quilled flowers to the door frames in the is such fun and takes away all the tensions...................relaxing. Now it will be more relaxing to me bcos i bought my latest toy.......................................the mini paper shredder. Now all quilling shapes and ideas are not so daunting any more, thus the idea of decorating anything in the house is not impossible.
I read in a blog A Magia do Quilling about a do it urself crimper today and imagine my joy when i manage to built one from an old broken down car toy belonging to my grandson. Ahhhhh now the ideas of quilling seem boundless.
Ok, see u all soon on more quilling projects.

Tri shutter card

SHTC 001

Salam Ramadhan. Behold! My first tri shutter card. Thanx Lin for the tutorial link. These cards are a bit tedious to make cos u have lots of facets to embellish. Nonetheless the outcome is rewarding. I will be making more of these cards and will try my hand at the double tri shutter. Wish me luck................hehehe. 

Sunday, 31 July 2011

quilled all occasions card

CRD 001

I love this card. I have just learned how to make the roses. Thank u for the amazing tutorial  by Sughanti at Daydreams. And it took me only an hour to finish the card.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

felt car ornament

OT 001

I have changed the pic of this post to a clearer view of the  heart. It is made up of white felt.  I realised i should have added beads around the border for a more definitive outline. Anyway thanks to beedeebabee for the ideas.

Friday, 29 July 2011

felt car ornament

Ot 001

I made this for my son's car. It's made with felt flowers and acrylic beads. Beautiful and shiny. 

Quilled goodies bag

GB 002

Salam semua and hi to all.
More goodie bags with quilled butterfly this time. Quilling is really fun but  i have problem in keeping the shapes the same size. This is because in my excitement to finish and seeing the end product, i never measured the length of the quill papers used..................I must remember this next time.
A very big thank u to little attic art for being my first follower. I was delirious.......maklumla, very new at this blogging thing and new at crafting.